Chloe is available to teach workshops and classes at your university, BDSM club, adult toy store, private event and more!

A sample of available workshops include:

Girl on Girl: A Queer Sex Primer for Women (all genders welcome)

This workshop will take you on a whirlwind tour of what you need to know to have hot queer sex with women. Do you want to fuck a woman for the first time? Would you like to expand your sexual repertoire with toys? Do you want to use your hands and mouth even better? This 3-hour workshop will touch on oral sex and manual stimulation briefly, before moving on to strap on play and other sex toys. Interactive role plays, demonstrations, and dirty little secrets, including information on sexual health and communication/consent will be integrated throughout. This workshop is primarily designed for queer ciswomen and those who like to fuck them (transfolks most welcome!)

Make an Impact: Pleasing Your Bottom with Impact Play

This is a hands-on, practice-based workshop full of useful information to get you started (or advance your knowledge) on impact play. Impact play, which involves one partner hitting another with her hand or an implement, can be used in a variety of ways – as foreplay, during sex, or as punishment in a BDSM scene. This workshop will explore safety, communication, tools, and techniques necessary for this kind of fun and sexy play. Learn how to both please and scare your bottom with spanking, slapping, flogging, and more. Get a chance to see and feel a hand, crop, cane, flogger, paddle, and belt in action. Chloe will give you tailored feedback as you get a chance to try your hand or a new toy on her or one of her volunteer bottoms. This workshop is for sadists, partners of masochists, and all sorts of experimental folks looking to expand their sexual horizons.

Give Me a Hand: The Erotic Art of Fisting

Fisting, the act of inserting a hand inside an orifice, is often an intense and ecstatic sexual act, either alone or with a partner. It can be one of the most intimate sexual experiences possible, a hot climax to a rough BDSM session, or an erotic challenge that pushes our bodies and buttons in all the right ways. This workshop will teach you how to both give and take an incredibly pleasurable fisting. Topics covered include: hand positions, safer sex, gloves, lube, what to do once you get in there, body positions, vaginal fisting, anal fisting, fisting genderqueer or trans folks, and the all important foreplay and relaxation techniques. This workshop is designed for all genders – people with hands and/or holes of any sort are encouraged to attend!

I Like It Rough: An Intro to Power Play for Dykes

Do you like to fuck rough? Are you a top, a bottom, or a switch? Have you ever wanted to throw your girlfriend up against a wall, put her over your lap, or act out a dirty fantasy? Power exchange gets so many of us hot, from a “hold my wrists while you fuck me” to a “tie me to a wall and hit me until I cry” kind of desire (and everything between and beyond!) This workshop will introduce a myriad of possibilities for more intentional power play during sex. We will discuss hot flirting techniques, consent, safety, role play, and nonverbal communication. The workshop will then cover techniques for sensation play and power exchange using just your body, before introducing a variety of toys to torment, tease, and delight your lover. This workshop is designed for dykes, lesbians, and queer women (cis, trans, and genderqueer) who are excited about the possibilities of power play or are looking for new techniques for their sex or BDSM repertoires. Inexperienced ladies most welcome, though learners of all levels will find something to take home tonight!

Let’s Talk About Sex: A Three Part Series on Sexual Communication

Let’s Talk About Sex: Consent and Sexual Health

Good sexual communication is critical to good sex – it allows us to make sure our partners are comfortable, relays important information about potential health risks, and allows us to fuck each other better! This workshop will answer questions such as: How can I get consent for taking things further without killing the mood? How can I communicate my sexual desires and boundaries to my partners? How do I ask questions or provide information about STI status? How can I talk about my hook ups before, during and after they happen? This workshop focuses on making consent erotic, so both you and your partners can feel safer, sexier, and more able to get what you want out of your sexual encounters. We’ll finish with a live demonstration of super hot consent.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Dirty Talk and Role Play

Dirty talk can be fun before, during, and after sex, in someone’s ear, over the phone, via the internet, and across a dining room table. It’s a great way to explore fantasies, heighten intimacy, let your lovers know what gets you off, and figure out what makes them hot. This practice-based workshop will prepare you to seduce your lover and liberate yourself using your creative mind and sexy voice. We will go over some tips to diminish your nervousness and practice some methods for easing into new horizons of sexy talk. We’ll also explore creative ways to integrate role plays into your sex life and discuss how to broach the subject of dirty talk with your partner.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Negotiating a BDSM Scene

Communication is particularly important during intense and potentially risky sexual encounters. This interactive workshop will focus on sexual communication within the context of a BDSM scene. It will begin by covering topics to discuss before going into a scene, including how to broach some of your most sordid desires and how to communicate hard boundaries. The workshop will discuss “safe words” and focus on ensuring good communication between a dom and sub throughout a scene, particularly when bondage and/or sensory deprivation is involved. This workshop is designed for kinky folks of all stripes, including pro-dommes, sex work clients, and lifestyle players. Come prepared to practice good communication!

The Art of Webcamming: How to make money online and have fun doing it

There’s a lot of reasons so many porn performers and sex workers are going into the webcam business these days. Come find out in this interactive workshop, which will cover the basics of what you need to know to be a webcam model as well as share some tips on how to maximize your profits and fun in the business! We will discuss tech and supply needs for the job, popular hosting sites, free show and tipping formats, webcam publicity, and any questions you might have. We will also practice ways to get clients to spend more money and time in your show. You will leave this workshop ready to get on the internet, get sexy, and make some cash!

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