Chloe Camilla is a queer femme-inist sex educator, sex worker, performance artist, model, and writer. As a Phi Beta Kappa pervert who has won awards for her work in sexuality (in both the academic and porn worlds), she enjoys sharing her knowledge with learners of all ages. Stilettos, glitter, consent, kink, and fierce politics get her off.

Chloe has enjoyed performing at a wide range of venues both national and international, including venues such as Femina Potens, the Supperclub, the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair, MONDOHOMO, Slovenia’s Gay Pride, BashBack!, and her friend’s basements and living rooms. Her current work uses poetry, masochism and queer theory to explore the intersections of femininity, monstrosity, and desire. She also performs in independent short films, fine art photography, and the occasional commercial.

As an educator, Chloe has taught workshops and courses to diverse audiences nationwide. She earned a BA in Communications Studies and Sexuality Studies and has professional training in the fields of sexual health, sexual education, arts education, and ethnography. She has taught sex ed workshops at places like the Citadel, Folsom Fringe, and Pure Pleasure, has presented workshops on topics from sexual assault and polyamory/nonmonogamy to collaborative organizing and social justice at colleges and high schools, and has taught courses on performance for social change. Chloe has also trained medical, nursing, and physician assistant students on gynecological exams, sexual history taking, and sexual health education.

Chloe would be thrilled to perform or present at your university, social center, autonomous space, or party. She’s also available for shoots, but generally doesn’t do trade for content work. For booking information, please contact chloe.camilla[at]gmail[dot]com.

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